MJHS PTSA Officer Positions

The Maynard H. Jackson High School PTSA Nominating Committee typically accepts nominations for officers for the upcoming school year in the spring of the school year (prior to the new school year). Please note that you must be a current member of the MJHS PTSA to be elected as an officer. Interested parties can join the PTSA at any time through the website.

PTSA officers include: President or two Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Communications, VP of Fundraising and VP of Hospitality. PTSA board members will also be looking for Chairs to head up optional committees of Membership, Parental Involvement and Fundraising.

Please direct all questions regarding nominations to the email for the nominating committee. This email will forward to all members of the nominating committee.

  • Assign PTA training.
  • Determine PTSA calendar.
  • Sign off on check requests.
  • Sign off on deposits and monthly financial statements.
  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTSA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.).
  • Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff.
  • Recruit PTSA Committee Chairs.
  • Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTSA meetings and monthly PTSA board meetings.
  • Write a periodic PTSA News bulletin (Roar).
  • Create a flyer for all MJHS parents in August for inclusion in back-to-school packet.
  • Collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar.
  • Collaborate with Treasurer to create annual PTSA budget.
  • Speak at Back to School Night and other events.
  • Take meeting notes/minutes at PTSA meetings
  • Make copies of minutes from the last general meeting for distribution (and approval) for general meeting
  • Submit approved minutes for inclusion on website and posting on PTSA bulletin board.
  • Attend board and executive committee meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making, take minutes for preparation and distribution to the other officers.
  • Prepare the sign-in sheet, set out name tags, and arrange the room for the general meetings.
  • Forward required documentation to GA PTSA main office (submit Executive Board slate)
  • Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTSA meeting.
  • Manage/oversee the Nominating Committee process. Recruit and form a nominating committee, and remain available to assist them at their request..
  • Check PTSA inbox at MJHS once a week.
  • Collaborate with President to generate annual PTSA budget.
  • Prepare annual audit and tax return.
  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required.
  • Oversee ongoing finance record keeping, ensure adherence to approved PTSA budget.
  • Assist with recruitment of and provide support to committee chairs for key fundraising events.
  • Coordinate community sponsorships with event chair and volunteers.
  • Advertise ongoing fundraising campaigns, such as MJHS Spirit Store.
  • Monitor results of fundraisers; align fundraising objectives and strategies with MJHS’s budgetary needs and research other fundraising opportunities as required.
  • Recruit and oversea PTSA Mini Grant program(s).
  • Research grant opportunities that align with school needs as determined by PTSA.
  • Apply for grants, monitor applications.
  • Meet with Principal and PTSA President as needed to determine funding needs.
  • Maintain PTSA Roar Newsletter, establish distribution schedule.
  • Coordinate information with Principal, Staff and Parent Liaison for school-wide communication needs.
  • Maintain MJHS’s web presence by keeping PTSA website updated.
  • Maintain all MJHS PTSA social media accounts which may include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Host several events during the school year that promote community building, membership support, teacher appreciation, school outreach, etc. These may include Back To School event, Staff /Teacher Appreciation events, Principal’s Coffees, Membership Holiday events.
  • Solicit contributions (food/paper goods/decor) from membership community and/or business community for events as needed.

Committee Chairs

The Executive Board has several Committee Chairs that are optional and not elected by the membership. These are volunteers from the MJHS community that are nominated and approved by the PTSA Executive Board. All committee members must be current members of the MJHS PTSA.

The Committees have typically been, but not limited to:

Fundraising (Spirit Wear, dine outs and events)
Parental Involvement
First in Family Scholarship
Teacher Enrichment Grants
Sunshine Closet

  • Coordinate membership drive: develop letter for PTSA Roar newsletter, create membership forms for distribution.
  • Collect forms & record memberships in memberhub.
  • Collect, count, and deposit money with Treasurer.
  • Develop Roar notices and prepare membership reports for PTSA Meetings.
  • Survey members for volunteer opportunities or other needs