Just after School Counselors' Week in February, the MJHS PTSA had nearly $1,000 worth of mental health supplies delivered to the Counseling Department at Maynard H. Jackson High School as part of the COVID-19 Relief Grant.

With the $5,000 PTA COVID-19 Relief Grant, the PTA has been working with the school on providing a year of internet service in the homes of our most vulnerable students and families. While that is the primary focus of the grant, we also know the pressing needs of mental health resources for our students. We decided to pass along a portion of the money from this grant to our Counseling Department at Maynard Jackson High School. We offered the department $1,000 of the grant money to be used towards mental health needs.

The department consulted as a team and sent us a list of items needed to help our students just as some of them were returning to face-to-face learning. We purchased a supply of multiple copies of items such as Teen Inspirational Coloring Book, Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens, Anxiety Workbook for Teens, Anxiety Relief for Teens, Mindfulness Journal for Teens, and distraction items such as motivational stress balls, and Lemonheads and Fireballs candies. Thank you to our Counseling Department at Maynard Jackson High School for the continued and critical work they are doing for our students.