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MJJ PTSA 2018 – 2019 Executive Committee Nominations Announcement

The Maynard Jackson High School PTSA is now accepting nominations for the 2018-19 Executive Committee. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email a completed PTSA Leadership Nomination form to Sonia Fuller at sffuller@bellsouth.net or Ife Madyun at Imadyun@gmail.com. The MJHS 2018-19 Leadership Nomination Form can be found on the PTSA website: http://www.mjhsptsa.org/.

All leadership nominations are due by end of day on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Please note that you must be a member of the 2017-18 MJHS PTSA to be elected to the 2018-19 PTSA Executive Committee. Interested parties can still join the PTSA through the organization’s website.

The slate of officers will be presented by the Nominating Committee via PTSA and MJHS school communications on or before Friday, April 6 and voted on at the PTSA meeting held on Monday, April 16.

The Executive Committee includes: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Communications, VP of Fundraising, VP of Hospitality, VP of Membership and VP of Parent Involvement. Duties of Officers can be found on the MJHS PTSA website.

Please direct all questions to Sonia or Ife.

MJHS PTSA Executive Board 2018-2019

Executive Board Officers

o Assign PTsA training
o Determine PTSA calendar
o Sign off on check requests
o Sign off on deposits
o Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTSA (including fundraising objectives, community building
events, educational events, etc.)
o Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff
o Recruit PTSA Committee Chairs
o Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTSA meetings and monthly PTSA board meetings
o Write a periodic PTSA News bulletin (Roar)
o Create a mailing for all MJHS parents in August for inclusion in back-to-school packet
o Collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar
o Collaborate with Treasurer to create annual PTSA budget
o Speak at Back to School Night and other events

Vice President
o Act as aide(s) to the president
o In their designated order perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve.
o Support Board Officers and chair a sub-committee where needed

o Take meeting notes/minutes at PTSA meetings
o Make copies of minutes from the last general meeting for distribution (and approval) for general
o Submit approved minutes for inclusion on website and posting on PTSA bulletin board.
o Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making, take minutes for
preparation and distribution to the other officers.
o Prepare the sign-in sheet, set out name tags, and arrange the room for the general meetings.
o Forward required documentation to GA PTSA main office (submit Executive Board slate)
o Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTSA
o Manage/oversee the Nominating Committee process. Recruit and form a nominating committee, and
remain available to assist them at their request.
o Check PTSA inbox at MJHS once a week

o Collaborate with President to generate annual PTSA budget
o Prepare annual audit and tax return
o Pay bills and reimbursements as required
o Oversee ongoing finance, ensure adherence to approved PTSA budget
o Coordinate membership drive: develop letter for PTSA Roar newsletter, create membership forms for distribution,
collect forms & record memberships in database, record online memberships in database.
o Collect, count, and deposit money with Treasurer.
o Develop Roar notices and prepare membership reports for PTSA Meetings.
o Survey members for volunteer opportunities.

o Assist with recruitment of and provide support to committee chairs for key fund-raising events.
o Coordinate Community Sponsorships with event chair and volunteers
o Advertise ongoing fundraising campaigns, such as MJHS Spirit Store
o Monitor results of fund-raisers; align fundraising objectives and strategies with MJHS’s budgetary needs
and research other fundraising opportunities as required
o Recruit and oversea PTSA Mini Grant program(s)
o Research grant opportunities that align with school needs as determined by PTSA
o Apply for grants, monitor applications
o Meet with Principal and PTSA President/Foundation President as needed to determine funding needs.

o Maintain PTSA Roar Newsletter, establish distribution schedule
o Coordinate info Principal and with Staff Parent Liaison for school-wide communication needs
o Maintain MJHS’s web presence by updating PTSA web information and aligning with MJHS School
o Maintain all MJHS PTSA social media accounts: facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Parent Involvement
o Maintain Sign Up Genius requests and serve as a year-round clearing house to fill PTSA volunteer needs.
o Collaborate with the President to prepare volunteer position descriptions for Back-To-School packet and
online volunteer page
o Coordinate with web-master to prepare and post online volunteer sign-up page
o Coordinate volunteer recruitment tables at school events
o Maintain a database of volunteers and provide these to board members and chairs as needed.
o Recruit potential room representatives (head parents) for all teachers and provide training if needed.
o Act as liaison with school secretary for student PTSA volunteers (students need sign off sheet for credit)
o Facilitate volunteer training events; ensure that volunteers complete mandatory paperwork (MJHS has
volunteer forms in Parent Room)

o “Host” several events during the school year that promote community building, membership support, teacher
appreciation, school outreach, etc. These can include Back To School event, Staff Appreciation events, Principal’s
Coffees, Membership Holiday events.
o Solicit contributions (food/paper goods/decor) from membership community and/or business community for events as  needed


Maynard Jackson High School PTSA 2018-19 Leadership Nomination Form

 I wish to have the Nominating Committee consider the following person for the office of:






Vice-President of Communications


 Vice-President of Fundraising


Vice-President of Hospitality


Vice-President of Membership


Vice-President of Parent Involvement









Telephone:  (H)                                                             (Mobile/Work)                                                                      




Describe this person’s qualifications for office and fitness to serve.  Please attach any other information about this candidate (limit to one page) that may be helpful in assisting the Nominating Committee.









Submitted by:                                                                                     


Email to: Sonia Fuller – sffuller@bellsouth.net and Ife Madyun – Imadyun@gmail.com

DEADLINE for submitting this form: March 21, 2018


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